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MCM holds a master contract with Major Canadian Distributors in Canada. Your products will be set up at the Distributor under that master contract. Your products will show up on Distributorís line card and EDI feeds, and give you all the sales exposure as you would receive if you had a direct relationship with the Distributor. We will provide more details during our preliminary discussions. Here is an overview:

MCM will buy your products on behalf of the Distributor based on their PO and ship to the Distributorís warehouse of choice.

MCM uses a monthly fee model to the Manufacturer so there are no hidden layers of pricing and we manage all of the business aspects with the Major Canadian Distributor.


MCM’s fees are calculated based on just a few factors: number of skus you like to get listed at Distributor, monthly sku changes, and any additional services required.

Start up Costs: Start up costs vary as per your needs and your assortment of skus. We will provide all necessary information up front for you to make an educated decision.

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You sell your products to MCM; MCM sells your products to Distributors. MCM does NOT mark up the products.

If you are an existing vendor of the Distributor who is moving over to MCM, we will work with the Distributor to make the transition as seamless as possible.

If you are a vendor that is new to the Distributor, we will recommend an opening inventory level. For back up stock, see warehousing below.

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MCM Ďs payment terms is based on what we have negotiated with Distributor. You can choose an early payment or the standard payment option. Payments will be made to you via cheque; wire transfer payments can also be arranged.

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Our preferred currency is Canadian Dollars because our commitment to the Distributor is to provide consistent Canadian Dollar pricing. However, if your financial system is unable to handle Canadian Currency then MCM may manage the exchange fluctuation for you if you provide pricing in US Dollars.

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All transactions are sold to MCM and shipped to Distributorsí warehouses freight cost included in the product price.

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There are 2 categories of returns: customer returns and stock rotation. In both cases vendors are responsible for transportation, duties, taxes FOB Distributorís warehouses.

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IIn addition to the inventory levels held by the Major Canadian Distributor, MCM provides additional warehousing if needed to fill customer requests just in time.

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